Clubs Worth the Consideration

Aaliyah Breedlove, Reporter

There are more than 100 clubs and organizations at Braswell High School, but students are only aware of about 10 or 15 of them. Joining a club is recommended and beneficial as there are plenty of options. Even if they are not well known, there is truly something for everyone. 

A really interesting club is the Anime club. Anime club has been available since the middle of last year, around spring break. 

“These kids love anime and manga,” Anna Seibert, the club sponsor, said. “They watch shows, they listen to music and sing the theme songs.”

Students are also able to talk about and draw their favorite characters, and have even played charades. Seibert really anticipates having more people in the club along with having bigger plans in the future. 

“We really want to reach out to other people who aren’t in any other clubs and see if this is something they’d really be into,” Seibert said. “There’s also a lot of really good artists out there who like to draw anime, which is a little different than what you do in art class, so that really pulls on their artistic side.” 

This makes Anime club ideal for any creative mind that is also really into Anime.

One club that would work for anybody who likes to be hands-on at school and in our community is Interact club. Interact club is a club where students can work with one another to organize events and activities dedicated to making a positive influence on the world and the communities around them. 

Interact club is more than just a club though, it is also sponsored by the Rotary Foundation which is an organization that provides for the less fortunate, helps grow economies and does other things for the communities they service.

If board games are more interesting, a good club would be the tabletop club. The tabletop club is a club where students are allowed to bring any type of games they have, whether they’re board games or card games, and play with others from 4:15-5:15 p.m. every Wednesday in the school’s library. 

The board games are also rotated weekly so students get a chance to play everything without getting bored and it is also a time to bond with friends or even meet someone new that has similar interests.

These are just a few of the many clubs that students can join. Get involved and meet people with similar interests. More information on other clubs and organizations can be found on the Braswell Activities page.