Braswell Bravo Co Presents: “Anatomies”

Mary Miller, Editor

Just in time for the Halloween season, Braswell Bravo Company puts on Don Nigro’s dark comedy, “Anatomies”.

The show, set in the 1820s, is centered around the twisted tale of Dr. Knox, played by Severson Pixton, who buys dead bodies in order to cut them open and perform scientific experiments.

“The idea behind our ‘Anatomies’ concept is the similarities and differences between science and art,” director Michelle Greene said. “We wanted to play with this idea of the cold and light of life and death.”

Having just done the fall show “26 Pebbles” one short month ago, the cast and crew had a limited amount of time to prepare.

“For this show, we had one month,” stage manager Mia Howard said. “Usually fall shows get six weeks, but this year we decided to do two shows so the time was shortened. It was hard to get things finished in time, but it made everyone work a lot harder.”

In order to tie into Greene’s concept, the chorus members’ costumes have been elaborately designed in relation to the theme of human anatomy.

“[For the chorus members] we’re painting anatomically correct body parts on their corsets,” said costume lead Giuliano Simmer.

The actors and crew are looking forward to the audience seeing what they’ve been working on, especially the scenes surrounding the murders committed by Burke (played by Arien Jahdi) and Hare (played by Jose Moreno). The two work together throughout the play to gain interest in the cadaver market and devise a plan to bring Dr. Knox fresh bodies by murdering the already sick and dying.

Howard depicts these scenes as ones full of excitement due to the choreography and special effects, including the lighting and sound designs.

“[The death scenes] are works of art rather than just characters dying,” said Shane Amundsen who plays a med-student working under Dr. Knox.

The cast and crew are excited for their show to interest, and possibly even scare, their audience.

“To get in the Halloween spirit is what I hope the audience gains,”Greene said. “I hope they have a fun time.”

“Anatomies” will be showing October 24th, 25th, and 26th at 7 p.m. nightly.