Braswell Orchestra Presents: “Stranger Strings”

Kassie Araque, Feature Writer

Get your violins tuned and your bows rosined! Braswell High School’s Orchestra is playing their first concert of the school year with the new director Micheal Burris. 

The concert’s theme is “Stranger Strings,” and will feature a collection of spooky Halloween themed pieces for the audience.

Burris has allowed the student musicians to have some creative freedom in their piece “Stranger Things Theme” by allowing them to change notes and rhythms where they see fit, rather than only being able to play what’s written on the paper. 

“Letting the students be creative and have their own compositional experiences has been fun,” Burris said, “and making it sound how they want it to sound is super rewarding.” 

“I hope with this approach more people will come,” orchestra president Eiya Saldia said.

Both the director and the students agree that the orchestra has been working hard to perfect their performance and are excited to see all the ways they’ve incorporated the theme into their work. 

The orchestra has added new features such as a synth in the background of some pieces to not only give their music a more eerie feel, but to pay homage to the “Stranger Things” inspiration.

“If you want to get in the mood for the upcoming spooky holiday, this is definitely the concert for you,” Burris said. “The chamber orchestra will play all Halloween pieces.”

Everyone involved in orchestra hopes those attending will recognize the progress the orchestra has made since the school first opened. 

They are also excited to acknowledge the eight people who made region orchestra Oct. 19th, the highest number in Braswell history.

The Stranger Strings concert will take place in the auditorium on Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 6 p.m. and is a free event.