Frozen 2

“For the first time in forever… There’s more to understand ... For the first time in forever… We can still fix this hand in hand.”

Graci E. Mabie, A&E Critic

irectors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, of Frozen, have brought Elsa’s magic back for more. 

Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer to how her abilities truly came to be is calling her from afar. This drives Elsa (played by Idina Menzel) and Anna (played by Kristen Bell) to pursue a hidden enchanted forest that is full of secrets. 

Frozen 2 is built, to a great extent, around Elsa’s powers, but from a different angle. In a flashback, Elsa, Anna and their mother, Queen Iduna (played by Evan Rachel Wood), listen to a bedtime-tale from their father, King Agnarr (played by Alfredo Molina) about an enchanted forest he once knew, where a mysterious event took place resulting in no one being able to get in or out.

As Queen of Arendelle, Elsa hears a mystifying voice calling out to her just as her kingdom suddenly falls into hardship. Grand Pabbie, the Troll (played by Ciaran Hinds), gives Elsa the idea to follow the voice as it might have the answers to her worries. This drives her and Anna, along with happy-snowman Olaf (played by Josh Gad), Kristoff (played by Johnathan Groff), and reindeer Sven, to embark on a dangerous journey to the edge of the mythical enchanted forest. Later, Pabbie warns Elsa about going too deep into the forest as she might lose herself to it. 

As the group continues along their journey, Anna and Kristoff’s love story develops. Audiences remember Hans and the fantasy love he had for Anna in hopes of becoming king of Arendelle. Instead, the desire for Kristoff and Anna to finally get married is explored. 

Disney will also release a full soundtrack Nov. 15th to set the ballad tone for Elsa’s adventure into the forest from start to end. It is currently available for pre-order.

So grab your cloaks and bundle up! Frozen 2 is set to blow its way into theaters Nov. 22nd. 

Surprise, Surprise “The cold never bothered me anyway,” let go of the past, and “Into the Unknown” we go.