Hot Chocolate Movies to Watch

Hot Chocolate Movies (noun): similar to rainy day movies, they are films you can curl up by the fire and sip on hot cocoa while you watch with the people closest to you.

Kassie Araque, Reporter

After the 10th round of poker and everyone is just sick and tired of listening to the aunts fight about whose recipe is better, these movies are here to save the day. These “hot chocolate movies” are basically guaranteed to warm everyone’s heart and to remind them why we celebrate the holidays.

It’s kind of a given, but no Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, is complete without A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving playing at least 100 times. Charlie Brown and his ragtag team of buddies throw together possibly the best Thanksgiving of all time complete with fresh popcorn and ice cream sundaes; every child’s dream.  Since 1973, this special has been reminding all of us that family doesn’t just mean blood-related, but also the friends you allow into your life and to share your most important moments.

However, when in a more Christmas(y) mood, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect movie for that limbo in between Halloween and the winter holidays. Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, decides that Halloween is simply not enough and that he must kidnap ‘Sandy Claws’ and take his place by taking over the holiday. This results in him terrorizing the whole planet before realizing that Christmas is about making people happy and coming together. With its catchy tunes and beyond lovable characters, even the most humbug of a group won’t be able to help singing along.

Next on the list is the Harry Potter series. Nearly every teenager has either read or seen Harry Potter at some point in their life, and there is no better time to soak up the nostalgia and get sucked back into the wizarding world than sitting by a fireplace with DIY butterbeer in your Hogwarts house mug.

While it doesn’t quite fit the wintery theme, The Goonies is still a must-see. There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a movie about a bunch of friends going on a crazy adventure with all your friends. The Goonies live-out every kids’ dream as they search for ancient pirate treasure, fight off a mob family and risking their lives, all while trying to ignore the fact that they’re being forced out of their homes as the area they call home becomes modernized. The message strikes close to home as seniors get ready to fill out college apps, making it the perfect movie to shed a few tears over.

Next is Anastasia, a movie about a girl trying to find her family and figure out who she is. It’s perfect for the holiday season as everyone gathers around to give thanks for their loved ones. She realizes home isn’t necessarily where she grew up, or even the people she grew up with, but rather the people who helped her figure out who she was and where she belonged. Anastasia reminds viewers that sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t what you thought it would be and that’s okay.

No holiday film watchlist would be complete without the age-old favorite, Home Alone. After being forgotten at home by his family Kevin learns that being on his own isn’t everything he thought it was, and instead discovers how important it is to protect his family. It’s a classic that the entire family will love whether it be younger kids watching for the first time or older relatives carrying on a tradition.

So instead of letting the holiday gossip be the reason for the season, let these “hot chocolate movies” save the day. Use this time to give thanks with your family and remind them why we celebrate the holiday season.