Football Earns Second Round Match-up

Janerius Ewing, Sports Reporter

The football team will head to the Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium after advancing to round two of the playoffs where they will take on the Red Oak High School Hawks Saturday, November 23rd at 7 p.m.

The football team hopes to continue their 9-game winning streak. Other accolades include a trophy for best team in the district and coach of the week presented to Coach Moore by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at last week’s pep rally. 

“It’s pretty crazy that we made the playoffs after four years,” senior Jaden Washburn said, “but we still have work to do.” 

This football team has continued to show tremendous effort even after losing two times in a row earlier in the season, and being called the underdog for the last three years. However, winning the bi-district championship proves that this has become a team to watch and a force to be reckoned with. 

“The season has been great so far,” sophomore Joshua Connell said. “We got some wins and losses, but we’re just glad we made it to the playoffs at the end of the day.”

Even though they made the playoffs, the record starts over which means players have to maintain focus and keep striving for greatness. However, it’s giving it their all every game and focusing on the big picture at the end of the day that players feel has put them on the road to the championship.

“We are preparing for the playoffs by just practicing everyday, making sure that everything counts, and getting everything down,” Connell said.

The goal is to win the championship. Yet, no matter the outcome, this team has already accomplished a lot this season with making history as the first team to bring home a football title.