Last Minute Places to Shop


Aaliyah Breedlove, Reporter

With Black Friday passing, stores will likely be packed, but less hectic than they were over the weekend. Parents with their last-minute shopping for children and children with their last-minute shopping for friends and family will be trying to determine which of the hundreds of stores to pick from and what sales are better than others. Here’s a list of go-to stores that will help make breaking down that list a little easier. 

Although Macy’s is known for its annual Thanksgiving Day parade, it is also one of the best places to go shopping. Macy’s offers a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen appliances, home decor, cosmetics and even jewelry. Not to mention their average 46 percent discount as defined by retailers. Putting Macy’s at the top of the list of places to go throughout the day makes this one of the smartest ideas when it comes to last-minute shopping. 

Along with having Macy’s at the top of your list, JCPenney should also be included. Their 61 percent discount average by retailers keeps them busy and nearly packed on Black Friday, but it’s definitely worth the wait. JCPenney is everyone’s go-to for affordable and fashionable clothing. They are even number one on the list of retailers offering the best discounts for furniture, consumer packaged goods, computers and phones. 

A store most people usually overlook is Kohls. With Kohls, Black Friday deals last even after Black Friday and with their discount average being 57 percent this year, Kohls should definitely be on the list. Their discounts on everything from jewelry to kitchen appliances to toys and video games are something to enjoy. Being rated number three on the list of retailers offering the best discounts for both toys and furniture and being number two for jewelry has has made this a great time buy Kohls. 

Although it is not usually overlooked, Target should also be listed as one of the best and most known places to go for just about any deals. Ranging from toys, clothing, electronics, and furniture, this shopping destination starts with their holiday savings way before thanksgiving and offers 50 percent off many toys and games. They also have some of the biggest deals of all stores when it comes to electronics and video games. With an average discount rate of 36 percent, Target is where most holiday shoppers are looking to spend money.

Last, but certainly not least is Walmart, which is sure to be the busiest due to its large amount of sales. Walmart is known for its deals and discounts even after thanksgiving, which really helps those looking for last minute shopping . The company also has a reputation for having the strongest deals in technology, media, toys, entertainment, and kitchen appliances. The 35 percent average discount rate and being rated the number one retailer also helps when offering the best deals for video games, books, movies, and music.

Finding the perfect gift at a perfect price may have been a chore, but this shopping list will be sure to ease the burden of all those needing to do some last-minute shopping for the holidays.