An Overdue Welcome to the S.R.Os


Photo credit. dallasmorningnews

Aaliyah Breedlove, Reporter

New faces of authority have been walking the halls of Braswell high school since this October. 

With the resignation of Officer Daigle came curiosity about the new S.R.Os (Student Resource Officers), Sgt. St. Pe’ and Officer Plummer. However, curiosity did not outweigh Daigle being missed by all, including the new authority.

“Honestly it sucked,” Officer Plummer said. “He had a really good relationship with a lot of the students. It comes with time, but hopefully, I can get to that level as well. So it’s tough and I wish I could keep him in my back pocket for when I have a problem.” 

This is Plummers’ first year being an S.R.O and working with students in a school district. Before his current position, he was part of the Little Elm Police Department. He came to Braswell to face the challenges he believed would be present at the school, and to make a positive impact.

“A lot of issues were happening with the students and their behavior, and I’m hoping I can change that,” Plummer said.

With Pe’, being the sergeant who overlooks the entire Braswell zone meant that she didn’t get to choose the school. However, she does enjoy being here.

“When I took the sergeant position, this is just where the sergeant position was. So I didn’t really pick Braswell,” Pe’ said, “but I don’t mind Braswell just for the fact that I do know a lot of the kids here from Navo [Middle School] from when I was there.”

Although there has been a bit of a challenge regarding students adjusting, as well as Plummer adjusting, Plummer and St. Pe’ work effortlessly well together.

“We kind of complement each other,” said Plummer. “She knows her stuff and yeah I really like her.”

Pe’ is also very considerate and tries to help Plummer and the rest of the school adjust to the changes.

“Me coming in and Daigle transitioning out, some of the feedback that I’ve got from the kids has been positive, and some have been negative,” Pe’ said. “Having to make sure that when Plummer comes in, he’s not getting so much negativity from the kids since they’re so used to Daigle, and since this is something new, that’s been my biggest struggle.”

All the new S.R.Os really want is to help make the school a better place. With students making an effort to behave, Braswell will adapt to the impact the S.R.Os are hoping to make.

“My biggest impact that I hope to make on all the students is that they make their decisions in life and they don’t get tangled up with the law on the way,” Plummer said. “That’s my main goal, to see students do well in life, have a great life and just be functioning members of our society. If I can help them stay out of trouble, that would make me feel really accomplished.”