ATC Classes Offer Industry Experience

Aaliyah Breedlove, Reporter

The Advanced Technology Complex (ATC) is one of the most beneficial opportunities provided in Denton ISD to every student who would like to actively pursue their future while still in high school. 

It has many pathways students can choose from ranging from architecture and construction to law enforcement, public safety and commercial photography. The ATC also provides experiences and real-life scenarios that help students know and experience more before graduation. 

“These experiences spark passion in the students for the industry, provide proven experience for career resumes or college portfolios, and can establish relationships with career and industry people that may provide internships and job opportunities,” Principal Marcus Bourland said.

Students are encouraged to use these classes as an opportunity to try out careers and make valuable connections for their future.

“The ATC is helping me get certified,” cosmetology student Emily Whitis said, “when I get out of high school, I can go [straight] into the workforce and can work in a salon for 10 years so that I can own a business.”

Another benefit is that students leave the ATC prepared for world’s high-demand professions as it also helps develop an understanding of the importance of early career planning with students describing the ATC as high school meets college.

“If I hadn’t taken the classes I have taken, I don’t think I would be as certain as to what I want to do in my career,” said law enforcement student, Juliette Arroba. “I definitely have learned a lot more about the law than I had known before.”

Students who choose to take courses offered by the ATC can expect to work on cars, fight fires, ride along in police officers, make culinary delights, serve the community as a cosmetologist, invent things in engineering, work in classrooms as the teacher, process a crime scene, work with the district attorney’s office, work with patients in health care, produce videos, be a photographer, use skills in graphic design, learn industry-level welding, put skills to use in animation, experience event management, and design houses and buildings, to name a few. In addition, students can earn certifications from the skills gained through these experiences. So, while making course selections for next year, be sure to keep the ATC in mind.