New Policy Removes Natural Right

"No ID, You don't get to pee." - Anonymous


Specialist ID Inc.

Mina Cowles, Reporter

On the first day back to school following Christmas break, students were introduced to an updated ID policy stating that students are unable to use the restroom during class without their picture ID. This a complete violation of the basic human right of being able to use the restroom during class time.

Current policy states if a student forgets their ID, they need to get a temporary ID sticker. However,  this sticker does not come with the same “privileges” as a real ID. According to the administration, if a student gets a sticker, they are no longer able to go to the bathroom or use a hall pass during class time.

The policy comes as a solution to the student ID problem occurring at the school. Students are forgetting to bring their IDs to school or choosing not to put them on. Instead of rewarding the students who are wearing IDs, they are punishing those who don’t. 

As well, this punishment is completely unfair to students who make an honest mistake in the morning. A student who wears their picture ID every day, but forgets it one morning now has to survive their day without the right of going to the bathroom, unless they are able to find the time during the passing period.

The administration has expressed that if students do not have their ID, they can use the restroom during passing periods. However, passing periods are only five minutes long which gives students just enough time to walk to class, but not enough time to use the restroom and walk to class. Then, even if a student does have enough time, the lines are long and there are huge crowds, making getting to go to the bathroom and not be tardy to class a rare occasion.

A regular healthy person goes to the bathroom between four to 10 times a day making the likelihood this event would occur during class high. Therefore, students should be able to use the restroom when their urge arises, not after a prolonged period of time. 

Making students wait to go to the bathroom is concerning in terms of physical and mental health. Issues can include weakened bladder muscles, urinary tract infections, or constipation, but can also damage students’ sense of personal boundaries and safety. A student shouldn’t have to risk having future urinary issues and their personal boundaries being violated just because they forget their ID.  

In addition to these concerns, there are also students who have to deal with their menstrual cycle every month. This policy restricts these students from access to a restroom when they so desperately need it, leading to potentially embarrassing situations for the students and causing possible harm to the body as well. There is also the risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which can be a serious problem that can affect the student’s future health.

The restroom policy should be changed in order to avoid violating student’s rights to use the bathroom during class. The policy should either get rid of the sticker rule entirely or make accommodations for human error.