Special Plans for a Special Day

Aaliyah Breedlove, Reporter

Valentine’s day is a day for love, compassion, and taking the time to really appreciate the important people in life. Whether it’s celebrating the day by going out with a significant other or staying inside laying back with friends, there are plenty of Valentine’s date ideas that will ensure enjoyment and amusement for everyone.

With the cold temperatures, a warm bonfire is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the night air with friends or significant other. It’s a time for stories, roasting marshmallows and eating delicious s’mores. As well as a time for laughing and reminiscing while enjoying a  hot cup of chocolate.

A cozy indoor picnic is another date that will keep people safe from the chilly weather. Since it’s typically rain with low temperatures occupying the month of February, an indoor picnic with a movie would work perfectly. Setting the scene by laying down a giant blanket across the floor after gathering traditional picnic foods, such as sandwiches, chips, brownies and fresh fruits and veggies, will make for a cozy and delicious night. 

Learning to roller skate with a partner or even a friend is sure to be another interesting experience even if someone doesn’t know how to skate. Skating is normally not too expensive and it is always fun to listen to music and glide along the rink. There’ll even be a few skating rinks that will have a Valentine’s day themed special event that will certainly make the night filled with good memories and laughs. For example, Southern Skates Roller Rink in Dallas will host a Valentine’s day skate night on Feb. 13 and 14.

With a more playful couple or even for people who are planning on having friends over for late-night fun, making a simple date into a bake-off is also a fun way to spice it up in the kitchen. For the new romantic couples, a baking date could open up opportunities to get to know one another and is one of the easiest ways to make love blossom. It is also good for those who bake well, and for those who do not, by the end of this date, they will. 

If coming up with a creative Valentine’s day date was a struggle before, these options should prove useful as they are creative ways to show love this Valentine’s day by spending time with the right person and in a safe environment.