Teamwork for the Dream to Work

Graci E. Mabie, A&E Critic

With districts beginning to heat up, the girls’ soccer teams are starting to gain more attention as they work hard each day for a fierce rise.  

Varsity girls soccer coach James Blakely and junior varsity (JV) girls soccer coach Luz Moore encourage each player to start workouts and team-building, which also makes for a lot of team-bonding opportunities. 

“Our team philosophy is to take a holistic approach with our players: we don’t just want our girls to be successful, soccer players, but we desire for them to be successful individuals in every facet of life,” Blakely said.

Poise, confidence, grit and sacrifice are the key elements the coaches believe with help their players grow as athletes and individuals. 

“We work to instill these four elements through our workouts and studies,” Blakely said, “so our players will begin to do these things naturally and without being prompted.”

Practice usually begins with the girls practicing before and after school on days that are not game days. Workouts usually happen outside of school Mondays and Thursdays, while Wednesdays are for recovery and gives players time to attend tutorials.

Our coaches have helped us grow closer to each other,” freshman JV player Jayden Camacho said. “We’ve grown with our skills, too. Passes and basic skills are much better than we started.” 

Players are pushed to be punctual, communicate, and work hard on and off the field, and to never be satisfied when striving for greatness.

“Our goal is always to win district and make the playoffs,” Blakely said. 

During the tournament season, JV Black placed fourth in the JV Ram Cup and JV Red placed second. Varsity placed third in the Ice Bowl and went undefeated, giving up no goals and making their strive for the championship an achievable goal.