Super Tuesday Is Here

Haydn Burton, Reporter

The presidential primary election has arrived and with on-campus voting, it’s easier now than ever for students to vote. 

In order for a student to vote on campus, they must be at least 17 years and 10 months of age and would need to visit with a licensed voter registrar. The person would then receive a sheet that they would need to fill out and then a receipt would be provided. Alternatively, a sheet can also be filled out and mailed to receive a voter registration card. 

On-campus voting introduces a great opportunity for students to involve themselves in politics and establish a voice in the future of our country. Not only is it free and very easy to do, but it’s extremely convenient as well. It’s as simple as visiting the hub and speaking to librarian aid, Aariantze Otto, to ask any questions regarding the process. 

“I think right now the vast majority of people who vote are over the age of 50 and I don’t think their values are the same as young people’s values,” said Otto. “I think it’s also important to exercise your right to put your opinion into action and make meaningful change.” 

Braswell is a designated polling location for the primaries, however, it is unknown whether or not voting will be available at the school on actual election day in November. 

“Only a certain number of students will actually be able to vote at Braswell on election day,” said Otto. “So if you’re wanting to vote, make sure you look up where your designated polling location is because it’s an excused absence from school as well.”

Those curious about whether or not they’re registered, can visit, click the tab that says “Am I  registered?” and entering a name and birthday. It’s not too late for students who have not registered to vote. Just visit the hub before school, after school, or during lunch and someone will be there to provide assistance.