Denton ISD Hosts First SAT Testing Day

Mina Cowles, Reporter

The school will partake in its first SAT testing day. Tomorrow, juniors and seniors who previously signed up will begin taking the test as soon as school starts.

The district was the first to start planning this day for all Denton ISD students. They gave the dates to our testing coordinator, Rebecca Falola, and soon the date was sent out in an email to the upperclassmen.

“The district decided that all of our juniors would, of course, be offered the opportunity to take the SAT,” Falola said, “but we also gave our seniors the choice [to take it as well], or to take the TSI since they’re both college readiness tests and some students already took the SAT.”

In response to the date, some seniors expressed outrage in regards to having such a late date in the year as it is after many college admission deadlines. 

“I think it is a little bit ridiculous because at this point, you’ve already been accepted, you’re already making plans to not go to college, or you’re taking a gap year,” senior Shane Amundsen said. “It’s kind of pointless; almost a waste of resources for seniors.”

The administration said the state failed to notify the district that they would reimburse them for giving the students the opportunity to take the SAT. This caused district planning to be postponed until a later date.

“As far as seniors are concerned, we knew it was going to be kind of late in the year for them,” Falola said, “but it’s still a good opportunity for those who want to bring their scores up.”

The seniors who chose not to sign up for the SAT have to take the TSI, another college readiness exam. Those who have already passed the TSI will have a different schedule for the day.

“[Seniors who passed the TSI] will receive an email that states that they will have a late arrival at 9:55 a.m.,” Falola said. “The counselors have actually prepared a program to talk about other aspects of college readiness since not all students need a college readiness exam. It would end at 2 p.m.”

Other seniors who have classes off-campus, such as the ATC, will report to those classes during their designated times, but for classes on campus, they will follow the schedule the counselors have prepared for them.

“Rooms will be posted on Tuesday and posted at our normal locations which are outside of the student center, in the commons, and in the auditorium hallway,” Falola said.