‘Chixtape’ delivers dose of early 2000’s nostalgia

Taiyonna Tucker, A&E Critic

Tory Lanez’s new album, “Chixtape 4,” features songs based off old songs — but with a little Lanez flavor added in.

In fact, this is exactly what the 24-year-old singer is known for. His hit single “Say It” came from Brownstone’s “If You Love Me,” and “Luv” is from Tanto Metro and Devonte’s “Everyone Falls in Love.”

This time around, the best songs on “Chixtape” are “Ignition” (from R.Kelly), “Slow Down” (from Bobby Valentino) and “Differences”(from Ginuwine). I like how he renewed old hits from the early 2000’s and made them relatable to today’s audience. They aren’t quite a match for the originals, but they’re pretty close.

Overall, I like the vibe Lanez’s new mixtape gives off, but it would be better if he added some variety to his vocal stylings. The melody never really changed throughout the songs and he used too much autotune.

Still, “Chixtape 4” is a fun trip down memory lane, as the songs he covered reminded me of my childhood.

**** (out of 5)