Bengal Bios: Queen of the court

Libero Madison Brown makes her first volleyball season at BHS count


Avery Via

Madison Brown poses for a portrait in the volleyball gym at Braswell High. Brown, 15, is the libero for the varsity volleyball team.

She carries herself proudly as she walks through the hallways of Braswell High School. After all, she is making her way to the place where she is most successful: the volleyball court.

After all, she is making her way to the place where she is most successful: the volleyball court.

“It’s the only sport where any team can be beaten at any time, and there’s no way you can have a one-person team,” the 5’4” defender said.

Madison Brown, 15, is the libero for the Braswell varsity volleyball team. The sophomore runs the back row, as the group’s best defensive player.

“I like being the libero because I like wearing the other color jersey and being able to go in whenever I want,” Brown said. “The pressure, though, to perform perfectly is pretty heavy, as you are expected to be the most consistent passer on the team.”

Brown started playing volleyball in 6th grade at Navo Middle School.

“Well, actually, I’ve played soccer for longer, but in middle school, they didn’t have soccer, so I tried volleyball and fell in love with it,” Brown said.

During her volleyball career, Brown met her biggest supporter, Charles Brewer. “Chuck,”as Brown and her teammates call him, was the coach of her club team.

“Chuck supports me in a way that makes me think that everything I do is making me a better person, so he inspired me by helping me grow in volleyball and as a person,” Brown said.

Playing a sport, she said, comes with wins and losses.

“My favorite part about winning is looking at the faces of the team we just beat,” Brown said. “Losing is OK, as long as we work hard throughout the game, but the hardest part is the pressure put on the whole team by peers and coaches; it’s like they can’t accept the loss.”

Playing for a new school can have its ups and downs, Brown said, but her experience at Braswell has mostly been positive.

“Playing with this team has been a big highlight of this year,” she said. “I’ve never been given the experience to be on a team that can set the tone for the rest of the teams after us.”