Girls soccer teams gear up for first season


Carli Hopper

The girls JV and varsity girls soccer players are working hard this season to build a brand new team.

Hannah Houser

As the varsity and JV girls soccer teams head into the first season, they are full of excitement — and a little uncertainty.

“It will be a learning year,” head coach Amanda Hall said. 

Madison Pennington

The preparation in forming a new team is always difficult, but the girls are working on getting there.

“[The practices] are very productive,” freshman Hannah Houser, a varsity player, said.

The team practices every day to boost their chemistry on the field.

Kinley Coward

“[They are] hard but a lot of fun,” freshman Madison Pennington,a JV player, said.

Even though they are a new team, the girls seem ready for district games.

“We are getting better every day,’’ sophomore Kinley Coward, a varsity player, said.

Averie Cole

Sophomore Averie Cole, a member of the JV team, believes that the effort they girls are putting in will pay off.

“Trying hard, we will do good,” Cole said.

Alysa Rivelis

Cole’s teammate, sophomore Alysa Rivelis, echoes her thoughts.

“Skills, 1-10, we are a 7,” Rivelis said.

The next match for the JV and varsity girls will be Jan. 31 against Denton Ryan. The game will be at Ryan.

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