‘The Bachelor,’ Episode 3 recap: Watery depths, zero-gravity highs


OK everyone: It’s finally season 21 of “The Bachelor.” We’ve all been waiting for it to come out, and it’s here.

On Episode 2, Liv got kicked off the show because she had a past relationship with Nick. He decided that “them meeting before the show is not fair to the other girls” and that “there would not be a future with him.”  

But never doubt Corrine will take advantage of Liv’s leaving and obsess over wanting all of Nick’s attention. She is so caught up in it all, she had a princess castle bounce house delivered to the swim party just for her and Nick’s 20-minute getaway — and the other girls get really jealous that Corinne was with him the whole time. Corrine’s plan worked out perfectly. She said,“I feel like a princess, and Nick is my prince”

Thankfully, the group date with the Backstreet Boys was a real hit. The ladies showed off some of their dance talent in front of a crowd of 500. Danielle L. even won a solo dance with Nick, along with the “group date” rose shortly after.

The one-on-one flight date went to Vanessa. Vanessa had a wonderful time feeling what it’s like to be in space with Nick on a zero-gravity plane, until her worst nightmare came true: she vomited. Embarrassing, right? But Nick seemed to not care at all and comforted her on the trip back.

Rose ceremony: Hailey is sent packing.