Survey to determine interest in junior prom

Students should expect to see document by Feb. 1

A second survey will be sent to students via their Gmail accounts Feb. 1 to determine their interest in a junior prom. More information will be provided to students by junior class officers during a meeting set for the same day.

Although many students expressed interest in the event when the original survey was emailed late last year, some started to have second thoughts, according to junior class president Citlalli Curiel.

“People started to figure out that [the school doesn’t] have a lot of money this year, [so prom] is going to be here at school,” Curiel said. “[Students would] rather not waste a lot of money on dresses and tickets to just come to school to have a prom because they feel like it should be more special.”

Other options up for discussion include a school lock-in or a lock-in at Six Flags, although both ideas are pending approval by Principal Lesli Guajardo.

“It’s a good group of kids so it will be exciting to see what they come up with,” Guajardo said. “The first time the school does anything, it’s exciting.”

According to Curiel, the results of the survey will be communicated to students once they have been gathered and all alternative options discussed.