‘The Bachelor,’ Episode 4 recap: Bringing the heat

'The Bachelor,' Episode 4 recap: Bringing the heat

Wow, this week brought some heat.

We kicked off the episode with a hihgly anticipated rose ceremony. With everyone thinking Corinne has had her time and Nick will be sending her home, Nick surprises everyone by giving the last rose to Corinne.

Everyone’s jaws dropped — and eyes definitely rolled — as Corinne walked down to get her rose. Even Corinne looked surprised. Nick gave roses to Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine,  Jaimi, Josephine, Raven, Alexis, Danielle M., and Astrid, while Rachel, Danielle L. and Vanessa, already received a rose earlier in the week. It’s Christen and Britanny who are left rose-less.

With the ladies who are left, the show decides to take a trip to a very important place to Nick: Milwaukee, where Nick has spent his whole life. While talking to his parents, we hear a hometown twang in his voice as he explains how much he likes the girls and how he’s beginning to develop feelings for most of them.

To start off the trip, Nick chooses Danielle L. for the one-on-one date. Nick takes Danielle on a trip down back to memory lane. As they walk down the street, after decorating cookies at his favorite bakery, Nick spots his ex-girlfriend and wants to say hi to her. How awkward for Danielle. The meet-and-greet with Nick’s ex turns out to be eye-opening for Danielle, as his ex says great things about him. They end the date with a Chris Lane concert, where they get to dance together on their own little stage. 

The next day is the group date, which Raven is not invited to — because she scored the one-on-one. The girls get their hands dirty shoveling cow poo and milking cows on a dairy farm (which is not Corinne’s cup of tea). Corinne decides not to be involved and sits outside for the rest of the activity. At the cocktail party, Corinne gets the vibe that the girls are talking about her behind her back, which she will not put up with. She decides it’s time to confront them about it. As they are all arguing, Sarah asks a question that really offends her. “Do you think you’re genuinely ready to marry a 36-year-old man?” This sends Corinne through the roof.

Meanwhile, Raven and Nick go on their date, and Raven meets Nick’s parents at his sister’s soccer game. Meeting Nick’s parents so soon seems stressful, but she really handles it really well. After the soccer game, they go skating at a skating rink, which she describes as “really romantic.” After the skating, they finish off the night with a dinner at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

At the rose ceremony, Taylor and Corinne discuss Taylor’s problems with Corrine. Taylor, acting all proper, says “You’re not emotionally intelligent to be in a relationship with Nick.” Yup, Taylor is not what everyone thought she was.

I’ve never seen so much drama in one episode (which is saying something). Seeing Taylor’s real side is (fake and rude) makes this episode even more chaotic than ever.