‘Purpose’ is fulfilling

Sad but uplifting movie a must-see



Taylor Locke, A&E Critic

“A Dog’s Purpose,” based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron, is one of the saddest — and simultaneously uplifting — movies I’ve seen in a very long time.

The film centers around Bailey — the dog of the title — whose first owner is a young boy, then teen, named Ethan. When Bailey passes away, he is reincarnated four more times, each time as a different breed with a different purpose to fulfill.

Throughout all of his (or her) lives, Bailey retains memories of Ethan. By life No. 4, the two are (of course) reunited, making Bailey’s ultimate purpose that much clearer.

“A Dog’s Purpose” shows the payoff of always trying your best and never giving up. With every life, Bailey found a way to fulfill his purpose, no matter the obstacles. The movie makes me say something teens rarely do anymore — I want to read the book.

**** out of 4