‘The Bachelor,’ Episode 5 recap: So romantic, it’s scary

Taylor Locke, A&E Critic

To start off this episode, we get to see the finish of Taylor and Corinne’s little catfight, which did not end well for either of them. Corinne leaves and tells the ladies about how Taylor has been treating her and now the girls are seeing who Taylor really is: a rude and manipulative person.

At the rose ceremony, everyone was thinking Taylor and Corinne were definitely going home, but no. The last two names called were theirs. You could practically see the flames emanating from Taylor’s head when Corinne’s name got called. Corinne (getting everything she wants) is happy until she sees that she hasn’t won the game yet, because Taylor is still in the game fighting even harder now, when she is the last name called.

The remaining girls take a trip to New Orleans where Nick takes Rachel on the one-on-one date. They shop and eat beignets for the very first time, which is hilarious to watch.

I feel the most romantic dates are the ones that are the scariest to go on. The group date goes to Josephine, Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jaimi, Vanessa, Danielle M., Whitney, Jasmine and Danielle L — which leaves Taylor and Corinne in the house alone together, getting ready for their “two-on-one” date with Nick. On the group date, they walk through a haunted house and discover that there is really a ghost in the house. While everyone is playing with the Ouija board, Raven pulls Nick aside and tells Nick that she loves him.

But now, the real drama begins: Nick takes Taylor and Corinne on a boat, to the bayou, where there are vicious animals, mosquitoes, and mud everywhere, according to Corinne. When they arrive there, they meet up with a voodoo priest and each get time alone with Nick, then time alone with the voodoo priest, to talk about their future.

While Taylor is with the priest, it’s a perfect time for Corinne to tell Nick what has been going on between her and Taylor. She tells Nick that “Taylor emotionally attacked me.” Nick confronts Taylor, telling her what she did was wrong and to make sure it doesn’t happen again

After the voodoo priest leaves, they sit and have dinner in the forest, which is kind of nasty considering how many bugs are flying around. Nick gives the date rose to Corinne and Taylor is MAD. Taylor was certain she was going to get the rose — looks like she needs lessons from the voodoo priest, because she isn’t good at predicting the future.

This episode ends with Taylor planning to expose Corinne to everyone, including Nick, which isn’t really fair considering Taylor is worse than Corinne now.